Australian Muscle Car Issue 59

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MUSCLE NEWS: Paul Gover chats to GM’s Mike Simcoe about the Holden Hurricane’s place in automotive design history and checks out Ford’s aggressive new FGII and 2013 Mustang. MUSCLE MAIL: Readers recall their memories of Chargers, Brickies and Rusty French; farewell a pair motor racing’s characters; and give us stick over last issue’s Ford V8 news story. COLUMNS: AMC has added a guest column - our first is from Todd Martin, who undertook a 4300km trek to Toranafest in a SS Turbo Hatch. CLASSIC SCENE: Paul Newby examines how the classic muscle car scene has changed over AMC’s first decade. We also revalue those ‘affordable’ $20,000 Bathurst supercars from issue #1. FAVOURITES: We ask 15 muscle car tragics to name their favourite racecars and stories from the mag. NEW CARS: Paul Gover examines how the performance end of the new car market evolved over AMC’s first decade. MOTORSPORT: A look at how the motorsport scene has changed since AMC first hit the newsstands. SPORTS SEDAN: William Dale, in his first contribution, tells the extraordinary story of Peter Fowler and Bryan Thomson’s radial Mercedes 450SLC Sports Sedan. MUSCLE MAN: Australia’s foremost automotive cartoonist John Stoneham caught up with his friend Win Percy, who opens up on working for Tom Walkinshaw and their first trips to Bathurst. HELL DRIVERS: James Cockington on the quirkier aspects of Australian automotive history and popular culture. MUSCLE SPORT: Our quickfire review of the 2011 Touring Car Masters season. BARN-FIND: This XY GT spent a quarter-century awaiting its second life. GRICE VS BOND: James Cockington asks if Amaroo Park’s 1976 ATCC round was a turning point in Aussie touring car history. MODELS: In keeping with our 10th birthday edition theme, Bruce Moxon considers the biggest ‘mini’ developments over the last decade. MIA: Last edition we wondered if the car driven in the ‘Hey Charger’ campaign still existed. Courtesy of its loving owners, we present Jack’s black Charger.

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