frankie magazine frankie issue 97

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Looking for a little extra joy and inspiration? Well, good news: frankie issue 97 is officially on sale in Australia, and it’s got both those things by the bucketload. For instance, there’s a fellow making a zoo’s worth of creatures out of (biodegradable) balloons, and the world’s first professional hijabi ballerina. You’ll also find art inspired by nostalgic things like Gameboys and old-school arcades, plus a whole bunch of tips to help you grow yummy tea at home. We talk fun products for pets, making gin, and setting up a makeshift darkroom in your house – that is, when we’re not ogling lovely clothing and throws. Need more incentive? How about a tour of North Korea from a local’s perspective, some lovely rainbow families, and a bunch of retro recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth? Plus, there’s all the usual laughs and real-life tales, of course. Hope you enjoy, frankie friends. 

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