Holden & I

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Holden and I Australian Muscle Car Special Edition Brock, Bond, the Glory Years In the illustrious history of Holden in motorsport, there is no more important figure than Harry Firth. Firth was the man who masterminded Holden's first proper factory racing effort in 1969 and after the new Holden Dealer Team's immediate success in that year's Bathurst 500 Firth would guide the company's competition fortunes through the following eight years. Along the way the wily Firth developed specially modified Bathurst specials' for Holden such as the HT Monaro GTS 350, the six-cylinder Torana GTR XU-1 and the V8 L34 and A9X versions four of the most famous and sought-after performance Holdens of all time. Not only that, but it was Firth in 1969 who uncovered and then fostered a young kid from country Victoria who would go on to be known as King of the Mountain', Peter Brock.

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