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Please note in place of our customary monthly magazine format full of forthcoming event listings, Art Almanac will continue to publish bi-monthly editions of the magazine. With lockdown impacting our ability to enjoy art out of the house at the moment, these special issues celebrate the events that are able to take place as well as art to enjoy from home, including our usual round up of exceptional exhibitions, art news and books as well as artist and industry opportunities.

With art spaces and events prioritising our collective wellbeing, our role as a guide to ‘what’s on’ has expanded to include the digital realm. We regularly update our website with the best of Australia’s art exhibitions, via virtual galleries and stockrooms.

If you wish to purchase these special issues as a one off, they are available here.

We look forward to returning to a rich and varied calendar of openings and events, to seeing you all there and in the pages of Art Almanac.

Art Alamanac issues are delivered wrapped in film containing Reverte™ - an additive that breaks down the polymer chain to make the film biodegradable. Click here for further information.

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  Quantity Price Months Issues You Save Delivery Details
$59.00 11 11 $7 New Zealand
$99.00 22 22 $33 New Zealand
$119.00 11 11 Overseas
$230.00 22 22 Overseas

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