frankie magazine Special Issue - frankie feel-good

Price: $15.95

A very special one-off issue of frankie has arrived, and it’s all about helping you feel tip-top. Expect real talk about mental health (including plenty of personal stories), plus brain-soothing activities and a bunch of handy resources. There are honest chats with therapists and we explore the science of laughter, share uplifting craft projects and ways to help a friend in need. In true frankie style, the pages are lovely to look at, too. For your most ‘meh’ days, frankie feel-good is here.

frankie feel-good is now on sale in australia, and will hit new zealand shelves in late september. cover price $12.95

please note - frankie feel-good is a special one-off issue, and is not included in normal frankie subscriptions

New Zealand / Overseas
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Australia $15.95  
Delivery Price Details
New Zealand $16.95  
Overseas $18.95  
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