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NRL, AFL, rugby, cricket, tennis, golf, extreme ... lawn bowls? No matter what your passion, if it's sport, it's Inside Sport - Australia's most highly awarded sporting publication, including the recipient of the prestigious Walkley Award for sport journalism.

Please note that due to COVID 19 and with only limited spectator sport being played around the world, we have suspended subscription sales of Inside Sport. A decision is yet to be made regarding the future schedule as this largely depends on international developments.

What this means for our current subscribers – sadly it will mean that you won’t receive your regular dose of Inside Sport for the time being. You don’t need to contact us, your subscription issues will be placed on hold and we will contact you with more information as soon as it becomes available.

While our print magazine is on a break, we will still be providing plenty of content through our website,, which we hope will help you while away the hours at home. You can also subscribe to our emailed newsletter on the website and you won’t miss a thing, with all the latest delivered straight to your inbox.  

To purchase recent issues of Inside Sport, please click here.

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