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MAD magazine is still lampooning your favourite TV shows, satirising popular movies and lambasting popular junk culture. With over 50 years of experience in the field of satire, you'd think these idiots would know better!

MAD Classics showcases all your old favourites, plus some new surprises, in full, glorious colour. Spy Vs Spy, The Lighter Side, Sergio's MAD Look at, Fold-Ins, Don Martin, Classic Movies and TV Shows plus Advertising all get the MAD treatment.

A yearly subscription to MAD includes 6 issues of MAD magazine and 6 issues of MAD Classics. You'll get one magazine every month.

To purchase the current or previous issues, please click here.

MAD Subscribers: following news reports regarding US MAD ceasing, please be assured that with plenty of content still available from recent and past issues, your Australian MAD subscription will continue on uninterrupted for the foreseeable future. The original CNET article here for your information, most relevantly from DC Comics:

DC Comics confirmed to CNET that Mad Magazine will stop being available for sale on newsstands after issue #9 in August. Starting with issue #10, Mad Magazine will only be available via subscription and direct markets. 

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$45.00 6 6 Overseas
$80.00 12 12 $4 Overseas

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