Digital Subscriptions

As a print subscriber to Golf Australia you are eligible to exclusive discounted pricing to ‘bundle’ the print with a digital subscription.

  • The pricing for the digital component is discounted, and only available to those purchasing a print subscription and when purchased for a minimum of a 1yr (12 month) term via website.
  • If you have a print subscription and you would like to match this with digital access issue-for-issue, please contact Subscriber Services on
  • Existing digital subscriptions cannot be combined post-purchase, but can be purchased to add to a print subscription at the end of, or before the end of the current digital term.
  • Entry into any subscription prize giveaway, premium offer or competition is only available with the purchase of a print subscription element, so for a bundled subscription but not with a digital only subscription.

Standalone purchase of a digital only subscription can also be made from the website at the rates shown.

Your email will be your account login – before electing the email with which you sign up (for yourself or as a gift for another), please consider that it will host all communications regarding your digital subscription access and delivery of your new issues.  If you need to change the email to which your digital subscription is delivered and you purchased it via, please contact Subscriber Services on

Refunds and conversions

  • In the event that a subscriber to a bundled print and digital subscription is seeking a refund for one or other component, a calculation will be made to determine the remaining issue entitlement to either an ongoing print only or digital only subscription – please contact Subscriber Services on
  • On cancellation of the print component, the stand alone digital subscription pricing will apply in place of the preferential bundled rate.  The remaining credit held against the subscription will be divided pro rata against the standard pricing at the time of conversion, to determine an entitlement to a quantity of digital only issues.

We use a third party to deliver our digital subscriptions to subscribers.  This is via a company called Zinio who also sell our titles directly to their own customer base.  Emails from Zinio delivering new issues are from an email address  Please ensure emails from are not marked as spam/junk by your email provider to ensure continued delivery as new issues are available.

Given that we use a third party to deliver your digital issues, there can be complexities with changes in account details, and with issue alignment to a print subscription you may also be receiving. For subscriptions purchased via our website, we can assist - please contact Subscriber Services on

You may have purchased your digital subscription through a channel other than, including, but not limited to, one of the following Digital Newsstands: Zinio, Pressreader, Apple iTunes or Google Play.  All digital sales made through these third party digital newsstands require all purchase, refund and personal data queries to be directed to the appropriate third party vendor. Nextmedia accepts no funds directly from consumers for these direct platform purchases; the third party vendors manage all digital transactions and fulfilments.

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