Australian Muscle Car Issue 54

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Muscle News Joe Kenwright brings us right up to date with all the latest developments and new muscle car releases. Plus there's more great memorabilia from our 'Muscle Maniac' James Cockington and lots more. Muscle Torque - John Bowe Has anyone done more laps around Mt Panorama than John Bowe? Jimmy Richards possibly. Bowe is one of a select group to have won both the Bathurst 1000 and the 12 Hour. This edition he comments on the importance of the once around the clock event, manufacturer disinterest in racing and the changes the race has undergone. Muscle Torque - Paul Sutbber Paul Stubber is a racing showman in the Norm Beechey mould. The West Australian continues to tell the story of his early historic touring race racing career. This issue, he recalls the first of many madcap long hauls to an East Coast race meeting. Stubber is Bathurst bound. Immortal Muscle Everyone loved the diverse Group C touring car scene of the early 1980s - Brock's Commodores, Johnson's Falcons, Moffat's RX7s, KB's Camaro, the BMWs, the Nissan Bluebirds and even Gossy's Jag. Despite its popularity with fans, CAMS killed off Group C for 1985. AMC returns to that golden era and asks the leading players why it all ended. Muscle Sport Hankering for a return to the production-based Bathurst endures of old? Did you delight when the Bathurst 12 Hour for production cars was resurrected? Well, it's all changed again. AMC was there to check out the new-look rock around the clock and the muscle cars in the supports too. Index of Performance Every edition. Every major story. Every muscle car featured in depth. Everybody happy. You bet your life we are. Plus in this issue - Memorable Muscle Racer (Tony Edmondson), Classic Quarter Mile Muscle, Mini Muscle, Out of Action Muscle, Muscle Stuff and of course our MIA.

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